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About Us

Phill and Alison warmly welcome you to their Bed & Breakfast set in the stunning

surroundings of Snowdonia National Park. 

We have all seen those programmes, Escape to the Country, Four in a Bed and New Lives in the Wild etc., and after having watched many over several years and often saying ‘what if..’ and ‘why don’t we?’ we decided to stop dreaming and do something about it! 

So in September 2018 we packed our bags (and our two Labradors) and moved up to Talybont from Buckinghamshire.  Phill was being pensioned out of the fire service and I hung up my corporate coat after having worked for a trade association for over 13 years, both of us very excited about this new chapter in our lives.   

We had a mixed response from friends and family from ‘you’re mad!’ to ‘I wish I had the courage to do something like that’. 

With our two Labradors, Moyo and Lottie by our side, we took full advantage of the stunning landscapes, mountains, rivers and beaches that Snowdonia has to offer plus (of course) exploring the best places to eat and drink!  (Well we need to be able to tell our guests!)  Four and a half years later and we're still loving our new life!

Sadly we lost Moyo in 2020 but Molly came springing into our lives and has now assumed the role of Hospitality Manager.     

So are you ready to escape to the mountains and come and see what you might be missing?

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